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    Characteristics of talent Training model
    affiliated to clinical medicine category
    professional talents from Medical College training
    The structure of professional knowledge is based on medicine, which combines the two major subjects of Ophthalmology and modern Optometry.
    Five-year undergraduate education and three-year postgraduate education as a degree of education, at the same time to participate in resident standardized training and the corresponding assessment.
    Qualified graduates will receive four certificates, including Master's diploma, Master's degree certificate, standardized training certificate of resident physician and medical practitioner qualification certificate.

    Basic schooling: eight years

    Degrees awarded: Master of Medicine

    Training target

    Cultivate an outstanding compound medical personnel with good humanistic spirit and professional quality, with scientific thinking and innovative spirit, with independent learning lifelong learning ability, strong foreign language useing ability and a certain degree of scientific research ability; To develop an outstanding compound medical personnel with complete clinical medical education background, with professional medical knowledge and practical ability of the obvious advantages in ophthalmology and optometry, at the same time mastering the knowledge and skills of optometry medicine, engageing in modern ophthalmology and optometry medical diagnosis and treatment work.

    Technology and skill requirements
    Mastering the basic theoretical knowledge of clinical medicine and optometry.
    could use the knowledge to diagnose and deal with the eye-related common diseases, frequently-occurring, functional visual problems and general distress serious illness  independently.Could use knowledge of psychology and sociology to analyze and deal with disease-related psychological and sociological factors
    Hold knowledge and skills in eye care, blindness prevention, low vision rehabilitation, and prevention and control of infectious diseases.;
    Able to carry out medical scientific research. Hold knowledge and skills for research, design, implementation, evaluation, and thesis writing on clinical issues.
    Master a Foreign language(English). Reach the national CET6 level or pass the master's degree English test; Able to use foreign language proficiency in the professional learning, have a certain degree of foreign language communication skills.
    Able to participate in the clinical teaching work to interns and low seniority residents at the postgraduate period, have a certain degree of ability to teach.
    Main curriculums
    General courses and basic courses are basically the same as those in clinical medicine.
    Major curriculums:Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Optical synthesis, Clinical Ophthalmology, Clinical optic basis, Refraction,Basis science of Ophthalmology, the Spectacle, Corneal Contact Lens, Research Design, Ophthalmic Optical Instruments, Strabismus and Binocular Vision, Visual Neurophysiology and so on.
    The career development after graduation

    ‘5+3’ integrated graduates will receive four certificates, including Master's diploma, Master's degree certificate, standardized training certificate for resident physician and medical practitioner qualification certificate. After graduation, graduates mainly go to all levels of comprehensive hospitals, specialist hospitals to serve as ophthalmologists, optometry physicians.They can also go to medical colleges, enterprises, research institutes and other institutions to undertake teaching, scientific research and other work. Eligible persons may participate in the Sino-US joint training Optometry Doctor(OD) Program. Becides, they can continue to pursue doctoral students or go to the United States, Australia, Europe and other world famous schools for further study

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