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    Characteristics of talent Training model
    The major is affiliated to the undergraduate professional directory of medical technology category.
    Professional personnel from the medical school training.
    The professional knowledge structure of this major which is integration of ophthalmology and modern optometry is based on the Medical Foundation.
    Four-year undergraduate education is the basic education.

    Basic schooling: four years

    Degrees awarded:Bachelor of Science(B.S.)

    Training target

    Cultivate a innovative, composite, application-oriented advanced optometry medical technology personnel who master the eye science, optical basic knowledge and related basic medical expertise, have strong medical practical ability, excellent professional ethics and humanities,and who is a integration of medical care, prevention, health care, rehabilitation professional skills.

    Knowledge and skill requirements
    Master the basic theoretical knowledge of ophthalmology and optometry
    Master the knowledge and skills in eye care and visual functional care.
    Have the ability to operate optical equipment and process and assemble glasses.
    Could operate ophthalmic inspection apparatus and equipment, engage in clinical  and auxiliary work of clinical ophthalmic special examination technology;.
    Have knowledge and skills of eye care, visual enhancement and visual function.
    Master a certain degree of management and marketing knowledge which can be applied to practice. 
    Could read the English literature and books of this profession smoothly.
    Main curriculums
    General courses and basic courses are basically the same as those in major in medical technology.
    Major curriculums: Epidemiology, medical Ethics, health regulations, management principles, marketing, Physical Diagnostics, Medical Image, Clinical Practice, Opticianry, Ophthalmology, Refraction, and Principles of diagnosis and treatment of Clinical Optometry, Optometry instruments and special examination, Clinical Ophthalmology, Eyeglasses, Low Vision, Corneal Contact , Oblique Amblyopia and Binocular Inspection, Eye care and Ocular disease prevention and so on.
    The career development after graduation

    Students after graduation can go to all levels of the hospital, Optometry and other medical Center as optometry technicians, optometrists, Low Vision Rehabilitation trainers, binocular visual function trainers, eye care technicians, etc., or go to medical colleges, enterprises engageing in teaching, professional training and so on.

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