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          The major of optomitry and ophthalmology produces in the rational reference of Chinese and foreign discipline and medical model contrast. From the beginning of the creation, it breakthroughs the optics and ophthalmology "fragmented" modein the United States, a representative of the Western view. It extracts essence from their century-old accumulation of mature teaching design and operation, and designs disciplines and profession around the new concept of ‘complete vision and visual function’. In the theoretical learning, teaching and examination of practical operation, we introduce the contents of the American optical teaching process, and international ophthalmologists examination and medical students’ professional ability evaluation examination.


          Due to the international gene and rigorous teaching program and clear training objectives, the teaching quality of O&O in our school os highly recognized by the international academic community. Besides, our school is the international clinical training base certificated by many well-knowm optometry universities in the United States and Australia. Many professors of our school are employed as part-time professors and awarded honorary doctorate. We establish student exchange projects with many noted optometry universities in the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Japan, Korea and Singapore, attracting Korean collges and universities to apply for ‘3+1’ project. What’s more, we successfully launched China’s first Sino-Foreign joint training doctoral program so graduate students can go directly to the United States to study doctorate course of optomerty and finally get their degree. We also establish first Confucius Institute in New York, providing a professional platform of optometry and ophthalmology. In revent years, more vigorous development are promoted such as the China Eye Future Leaderships, the Eye plan of excellence stars of tomorrow and so on, which have a wide range of influence in China’s field of optometry and ophthalmology.