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          Graduates of optomitric medicine and ophthalmology can take part in medical licensing examination and get the certificate of practicing doctors' qualifications if they pass the test. Students of ‘5+3’ project can get their degree of both Bachelor and Master and the certificate of standardized resident training and practicing doctors' qualifications after graduation. Most of graduates choose to become doctors of synthetic hospitals and ophthalmic hospitals; some become teachers of medical universities and research institutes; a part of them get the job as trainer of medical enterprises; others go to elite schools of the United States, Australia, Europe, to continue studying and get their master’s degree.


          Graduates of optometry technology (with degree) can be technicians of all rank hospitals and eye treatment centers to do optician service, low vision rehabilitation, vision training and basic eye care; some of students get jobs in medical enterprises to do teaching and training after graduation; others go further study to get master’s degree. Graduates of optometry technology (with certification) can get jobs as optometry technicians, dispensing optician, refracting optician and vision care in enterprises corresponding to optometry.