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            Optometrist and ophthalmology is a medical discipline, working for eyes as the main object, combined with both traditional and modern optics, aiming in improving visual function and quality by synthetic methods such as surgery, drugs, optical instrument ect.


            With the improvement of social development and civilization, both proportion of modern ophthalmology disease of total eye health-related disease and new requirement of modern eye optics medical care has changed a lot. The number of functional eye disease including ametropia, heterotropia, amblyopia, functional anomalies of binocular vision and low vision rehabilitation is increasing. This group of people need more attention and concern. Ophthalmologists nowadays focus more on the visual improvement.


            China National Optometry Research Center, which is settled in Wenzhou Medical University, make a survey about ophthalmology clinic in China. It is discovered that among 150 hospitals involved, 30 to 65 percent of the amount of patients who registrater at ophthalmology connects directly to eye optic health such as strabismus and amblyopia of children, ametropia, presbyopia, and functional eye disease etc. 90 percent of other patients are involved in vision rehabilitation after ophthalmic surgery, for example, vision rehabilitation after Squint Surgery, both far and near vision correction and accommodative correction after cataract extraction and intraocular lens implantation, vision correction after treatment of macular disease and rehabilitation of low vision. 69 percent of hospitals are in great need of talents of optometry. Therefore it is obvious that optometry plays an important role in vision rehabilitation and improvement of vision quality. The combination of optometry and ophthalmology bring about great changes in department of ophthalmology before and the department now has become the fastest developing clinical department of general hospitals which promete the development of specialized ophtahlmic hospitals.