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          Professional teaching team of pptometry and ophthalmology was named as National teaching team in 2007, and in 2013 it was named as the National outstanding professional and technical collectives. The team has 71 people with senior professional titles, 50 Ph. D., 18 Doctoral tutors and 34 Master's tutors.


          The team has 3 people of the national "Thousand Person plan" (including the overseas high-level talented person) , 1 person of 973 first scientists , 1 person of the national "Millions Talent project" , 2 youth experts with outstanding contributions of health planning council, 1 of , 3 people of the Ministry of Education Cross-century excellent talent Support Program, 1 people of the country " million people plan "youth notch, 3 experts get the State Council special allowances. Besides, the team was named as the Ministry of Education "the Changjiang River Scholars and Innovation Team Development Program" Innovation team. What’s more, the team includes 1 director and 6 expert member of the Chinese Medical Eye Science Branch Association, 1 director and 2 youth member of the youth Deputy. There are also 17 person of the team serves as each study group leader or the team member of the eye Science branch.