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    Wenzhou, referred to as "ou", is under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province,and is also one of the regional center in there.
    Wenzhou is located in the southeastern part of Zhejiang province. The city’s land area is of 12065 square kilometers[1]  , and the sea area about 11000 square kilometers. It governs 4 municipal districts, 5 counties and 2 county-level cities. [2-3]   The resident population of the city comes to 9.117 million people (2015). [4] Wenzhou is a national historical and cultural City[5]  , known as "the southeast landscape of a world". [6] Wenzhou was Ancient for OU, also known as East OU, the Tang Dynasty began to call Wenzhou, has been more than 2000 years of construction history. Wenzhou is China's private economic development of the first region and the frontier of reform and opening up.In the early days of reform and opening up, had the national reputation  of "South Wuchuan, North Wenzhou".
    Wenzhou culture is the OU Yue culture.People there is  belong to Jiangsu and Zhejiang People's Department  and use Wu language.Wenzhou dialect was rated as one of the most difficult Chinese dialects to understand.
    Wenzhou is the cradle of Chinese mathematicians, the hometown of Chinese Southern Opera, the township of Chinese seafood eggs, the people of Wenzhou are called Oriental Jews.
    Traffic overview
    Wenzhou is one of the 45 major highway hubs in the country and one of the 25 main hubs in the country. Expressway has access to Lishui, Jinhua's Jinliwen-Wen Expressway (No. G1513) to Ningbo, Taizhou direction Shenhai high-speed Yong-tai high-speed segment (numbered G15), completed in February 2010 of the Yong-Highway (No. S26), Wenzhou City Beltway (No. S10) (North Line) to make travel more convenient.
    Ouhai Avenue is the main road of the Trans-urban area, which is the road of the Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai three cities Central area and the airport and railway, and becomes one of the most important yingbin avenues in Wenzhou. It is also through the three-yang wetland, the full display of Wenzhou landscape characteristics of the road. Another is under construction/soon to start the highway Longli temperature high-speed, Wenzhou city around the expressway Southwest line, Ningbo-Taiwan-China Expressway double Line (coastal lines).
    Wenzhou Longwan International Airport is located in Wenzhou Southeast Oujiang Estuary, site elevation of 4.4 meters (the original elevation of 2.8-3.4 meters), from the city center only 21 kilometers.It can be through Ouhai Avenue, in and out of the airport only 20 minutes. The actual radiation range of Wenzhou Airport is about 20 million people, Economic hinterland area of 160,000 square kilometers (including Wenzhou, Taizhou, Lishui, Ningde).It only take 1.5 hours for Taizhou, Ningde and Lishui passengers to the  airport.
    Wenzhou Longwan International Airport can lead to many cities nationwide, and open the Hong Kong's regular flights.Wenzhou is embarking on the completion of the Longwan International Airport expansion Project, and expanding the airport port opening to the outside world.
    July 24, 2012, led by the national port Office,consisted of the Ministry of Public Security, the general administration of customs, AQSIQ and the Civil Aviation Administration, the staff of the inspection group checked and accepted the preparation work of opening up the Wenzhou air port before the expansion.This marks the official entry of Wenzhou Air port into the ranks of the National open air ports. [13]
    In May 2013, Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport officially renamed Wenzhou Longwan International Airport.
    Wenzhou Port is one of the largest coastal container terminals in China. The geographical coordinates of the port of Wenzhou are 120°38′50″e,28°01′35″n.It locates on the southeastern coast of China, the north of Ningbo port, the southern port of Fuzhou and in the southeast has Taiwan's Kaohsiung, Keelung Harbor across the sea. In the Yangtze River Delta Economic zone with Shanghai Pudong as the leader, it has 350 km coastline and strategic location, which is the central hub of the north-South coastal sea and ocean transportation, and is also one of the 25 main ports in the coastal area of China, which occupies an important position in the National Integrated Transportation network.
    The Jinhua-Wenzhou railway is the first joint-venture railway in China's history, the first by the local government, the Ministry of Railways and the Hong Kong Tripartite joint Venture railway. In December 26, 2015, the new Jinhua-Wenzhou railway officially opened for operation.The 188-kilometre electrified railway line took Wuyi, Yongkang, Jinyun, Lishui and Qingtian into the Yangtze River Delta high-speed network, greatly reducing the travel time between the cities of southern Zhejiang. The fastest train of G9333 from Hangzhou east to Wenzhou south takes only 2 hours 4 minutes. [14] Fuzhou-Wenzhou and Ningbo-Taiwan-Wenzhou railway had also opened the EMU at the end of September 2009.The city became a railway hub city.
    Wenzhou  Metropolitan  railway  network
    The 4 lines of Wenzhou City railway network has total length of 301.3km, a total of 77 stations, of which 12 transfer station (including urban rail, regional trunk transfer station) and the average station spacing of 4.1km, Qingdao Quartet crh6s ($number), winning the bid S1.
    S1 Line one-stage project, from west of Tong Ling, to east of Ling Kun Island, has full length of 51.9km, station of 15, reserved station of 7 and average station spacing 3.5km, target speed of 120km/h. The S1 Line commenced operation on November 11, 2011 and is expected to open in 2016.
    S2 Line northeast-southwest direction, the north starting from the coastal railway station of Yandang mountain to Ruian million Pine Road station. The line is at the length of 87.6km,and has 19 stations proximately.
    S3 Line is in northwest-southeast direction.The length of the line is 47.15km, the station about 10.It will become the fast link of the OU North Division and the seven kilometer operation area.
    The S4 line is a north-south direction with a total length of 89.55km and about 25 stations. It will build a quick connection between the downtown area and Yongjia, Ruian, Pingyang and Cangnan sub-centers.

    Colleges and universities

    Colleges and universities

    Serial number

    Name of institution

    School level



    Wenzhou University




    Wenzhou Medical University


    key construction university of Zhejiang Province

    3 [23] 

    Wenzhou Business School


    Private universities [23] 


    Wenzhou University Oujiang College


    Independent college


    Wenzhou Medical University Renji College


    Independent college


    Wenzhou Kean University


    Sino-US cooperation


    Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College




    Wenzhou Institute of Science and Technology




    Zhejiang Industry and Trade Polytechnic




    Zhejiang Oriental Polytechnic




    Zhejiang Security Vocational and Technical College




    Wenzhou Radio and Television University



    Basic education
    first level middle school in Zhejiang Province

    Wenzhou middle School

    Zhejiang Ryan middle School

    Wenzhou the second middle school

    Yongjia middle school

    Ouhai middle School

    Cangnan middle school

    Pingyang middle school

    Yueqing middle School

    second level middle school in Zhejiang Province

    Ruian tenth middle school

    Dongtou first middle school

    Cangnan Longgang High School

    Ouhai District Ren Yan Song secondary school

    Ruian Fourth Middle School

    Yueqing Liu City Middle School

    Taishun first middle school

    Yueqing Hongqiao Middle School

    Yueqing second secondary school

    Yongjia County Luofu Middle School

    fifteenth middle school of Wenzhou

    nineteenth middle school of Wenzhou

    Cangnan County Lingxi Middle School

     Cangnan County Bank senior high school



    Third level middle school in Zhejiang Province

    Wenzhou eighth senior high school

    Wenzhou twenty-second high school

    Ruian Second middle School

    Ryan Fifth Middle School

    Wenzhou Tangxia High School

    Cangnan Longgang second high school

    Cangnan Yishan high school

    Cangnan Jinxiang High School

    Yueqing third middle school

    Cangnan Lingxi second high school

    Ouhai second high school

    Ouhai Wutian high school

    Pingyang County secondary school

    Yueqing Baixiang Middle School

    Ouhai Sanxi Middle School

    Wencheng secondary school

    Wenzhou Yuying International Experimental School



    Customand culture
    Local language
    For Wenzhou local dialects,OU is the most important.It is wildly used at anywhere in Wenzhou .Wenzhou dialect is a kind of Wu language, belonging to Wu Oujiang and is the representative of South Wu. It is Generally accepted that Wenzhou Lucheng District dialect is Wenzhou language. In addition to the OU language, Wenzhou dialects also conclude min language, man language,sheke language, Jinxiang words, DaJing dialect and Luoyang words and so on. [26] 
    Immaterial culture
    Wenzhou has a long history and rich cultural relics. Ou Yue culture, landscape culture, national culture can Datie back to a long time ago.Folk music, folk dance, drama, plastic arts, folk art, folk crafts and folk customs  has profound heritage and unique value.Intangible cultural heritage resources are very rich. Since 2005, the protection of the work of the comprehensive started, through the Wenzhou census, a total of more than 550,000 clues and more than 27,000 valuable items have been determined. On this basis, the successful declaration and publication of Leqing boxwood carving, fine grain engraving paper, Wenzhou drum word, Taishun medicine hair puppet, Yongjia Kunqu and other intangible cultural Heritage Directory come up to National 17 items, provincial 78, municipal level 227; Intangible Cultural Heritage Project successor person national level 6 people, provincial 64 people. [27] 
    city tour
    Comprehensive overview
    Wenzhou Tourism Scenic Area has an agglomeration of mountain, River, Sea, Lake, Island and Spring. Natural landscape merges with cultural landscape. Wenzhou has 1 world Geopark, 3 China's superior tourist cities, 1 national 5 A-level tourist attractions, 5 national 4 A-class tourist attractions, 3 national key scenic spots, 8 provincial-level scenic spots, 1 national red Tourism Classic Scenic spots, 6 national industrial Tourism demonstration enterprises, 1 tourism economic districts, 1 provincial tourist resorts, 5 National Forest Parks, 9 provincial forest parks, 2 state-level nature reserves, 15 national key Protection Units, 50 provincial-level protection Units, 1 national historical and cultural towns, 2 provincial historical and cultural cities, 11 provincial historical and cultural blocks (towns and villages), 100 star hotels and 148 travel agencies.
    Places of Interest
    Yandang mountain
    Located in the northeast of Leqing, Yandang mountain has the total area of 450 square kilometers.It was Ancient Renowned and the first national key scenic spots the State Council announced. Peak Baigangjian has altitude of 1150 meters. Lingfeng, Ling Yan and Tai Lung jiu are the whole  scenery Center. Dalongjiu waterfall is up to 190 meters, straight leading to Longtan. In 2004 Yandang Mountain was named the National Geopark, and then the World Geological Park in early 2005.
    Yandang Mountain began to develop in the northern and Southern dynasties and thrived from Tang to Song.It was known as "the absolute victory in the Atlas," "famous sea mountain" reputation and was called the "Southeast First Hill."Yandang mountain has three unique products: "Dalongjiu waterfall, Lingyan ferry and Lingfeng night Scene".
    Nanxi River
    Nanxi River Scenic Area located in Yongjia County territory, is the national key scenic spots that State Council announced. The main stream of the Nanxi River is 145 km, meandering winding, with verdant green on both sides, which shows a typical valley landscape. Scenic area distributes along the Yangtze River, there are Taiwan Fagus, Ginkgo biloba, Huaxi Maple Yang and other precious species which are national intensively protected. Daruoyanshanmijiang river side stockaded Village has a unique style which preservated pavillions,temples ,memorial archway and other ancient buildings. [30] 
    Nanji Island
    Nanji Island,located in the east of Wenzhou, in the Pingyang County’s jurisdiction, is Chinese first nature Reserve for Sea Island marine Ecosystem. It consists of 23 islands, 14 reefs and 55 Ming reefs, with a total area of 20106 hectares and a sea area of 19071 hectares.
    The island area is rich in shellfish and has become  important gene pool of Chinese waters. There are 403 species of marine shellfish, taken up 20% of the total number in the country;174 species of marine algae, accounting for 20%.
    Mid River Islet
    British consulate on the Mid River Islet
    Located in the middle of Oujiang River, the existing area of 1070 MU is one of the four major scenic spots in China, Traditionally known as "Oujiang Penglai". The famous poets of the past dynasties, Xie Lingyun, Li Bai, du Fu, Meng Haoran, Han Yu, Lu you, Tianxiang and so on had successively left the trail.For Thousands of years, countless literatis and solons have sighed the famous verses of the River Island nearly 800.
    East and west Tower, silhouetted against the River temple,is high up in the air and shows ingenuity. There are many places of interest in the island, such as Song Wenxin Shrine, Haoran building, Xiegong pavillion, Cheng-Xian Pavilion and Museum, Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial hall and workers ' sanatorium,which are all constructions in provincial and municipal level.
    There are many wetland in the eastern plain area of Wenzhou. One of the most famous is Ouhai three-yang wetland which is called "south of the Xian Yang" in folk.It is adjacent to the urban center, brooky and dotted and has an area of 13.6 square kilometers.there are 161 morphotic mud chau between this. This wetland is not only rich in "ou Citrus", "Huangling" and freshwater fish and shrimp, but also a resident habitat foraging place variety of migratory birds. [30] 
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